Last visited: 15 May 2018
Location: Samariterstraße 17, 10247 Berlin
Verdict: Nope. Expensive, and not great food.

There’s a bit too much Berliner Schnauze in here.

Met up with two friends to have dinner in their neighborhood.

Unfortunately, when a real veal schnitzel tastes like fish after being breaded and fried, you know someone in the kitchen hasn’t changed the oil in who knows how long?

I guess that shark on the ceiling is fitting.

Just nope.

englers unikat 20180515 01
Figure 1. Interior
englers unikat 20180515 02
Figure 2. The options
englers unikat 20180515 03
Figure 3. Kalbsschnitzel, Beelitzer Spargel, Kartoffeln, und Hollandaise
englers unikat 20180515 04
Figure 4. Nice enough in theory