Last visited: 25 February 2018
Location: Torstraße 102, 10119 Berlin, Germany
Verdict: I’d come back here. I’d take my friends. I’d take my parents.

What are you waiting for? Come on down and have a drink at the Mikkeller taproom.

The first time I tried Mikkeller beer was on a visit to Copenhagen in 2012. Somehow I remember looking for a drink and randomly finding their cellar taproom in Vesterbro.

As one of the first and earliest of the new European microbreweries, Mikkeller creates some incredibly flavorful beers. Some of their stouts (Beer Geek in particular) may have you convinced that you’re actually having dessert.

It’s not cheap. A 0.2L glass will usually run you 4 - 5 EUR or more, depending. So, it’s Danish beer for Danish prices, but it’s worth it.

mikkeller 01
Figure 1. Peering out the window.
mikkeller 02
Figure 2. Inside.
mikkeller 03
Figure 3. Beer Geek stout.
mikkeller 04
Figure 4. Cascade Terrain series, one brewed in Washington state, one brewed in Idaho state.